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Traffic school in the digital age: How CIOs will play a significant role in the development of future mobility

Zeichnung verschiedener CIOs in der Stadt, wie beispielsweise in einem autonom fahrenden Auto.
The traditional role of the CIOs has been redefined to visionary leaders and innovators supporting the engineering department.

With our innovative testing processes and systems, we create certainty and trust in automated driving. In close collaboration with automotive key players, our ADAS/AD development team has defined testing and validation methods and software to support engineering.

Developing self-driving cars is not just a task for dedicated R&D teams. Innovative functionalities required for connected cars, smart mobility services, assisted, automated and autonomous driving has redefined the traditional role of the CIO from IT delivery to a visionary leader and innovator supporting the engineering department. Agile development and testing, microservices, cloud computing, analytics, collaboration, data management and workflow management are increasingly essential for the development of future vehicles. The CIO plays a vital role in ensuring the digital transformation, as an enabler of agility and an advisor and entrepreneur, supporting the business ecosystem and R&D workflow.

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