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AI Solutions

Automated quality checks, image processing and
data analytics

We create optical inspection solutions, analyze large amounts of data and support data-based product development projects. Leveraging our long-standing expertise in machine learning, deep learning and computer science, we enable application-specific au‍tomation to improve cost efficiency and serve the entire value chain of your company.

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Smart Image Processing

Camera-based optical inspection enables a variety of automation tasks such as grabbing, sorting and end-of-line quality checks. To help you get there, we offer AI-based solutions for anomaly and failure detection, object detection and segmentation. The imaging setup will be tailored to your specific needs so that you benefit from the most accurate detection results and a reliable, consistent performance delivery. It only takes a few steps to smarten up an image processing task. Sounds good? Contact us to ele‍vate yours!

3 steps to smarten up your image processing task

3 steps to smarten up your image processing task

Data Analytics

Data is everything and everything is data: Get on top of your game by knowing exactly what happened, why it happened and if it’s going to hap‍pen again. Whether it is numbers from finance or production – we ana‍lyze your data, or help you collect it, to support your journey towards a data-driven company. This way you will be able to effectively reduce busi‍ness risks, lower costs and boost efficiency.

AI-Driven Product Development

Technology is evolving faster than ever, challenging companies to more efficiently develop and design new products. Artificial intelligence can help accelerate this process by assisting in both product development and the enhancement of product features. Augmenting expert knowledge, computer-aided product development does not only relieve staff from repetitive tasks but also shortens a product’s time-to-market and allows for scalability by applying development solutions to similar tasks.