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Driver Assistance Systems

From Assisted to Automated Driving

For more than 20 years, we have been developing embedded software solutions for driver assistance systems – compliant with certified industry standards, suitable for series production, and fit for every platform. We are committed to finding smart solutions for complex problems and to implement them to further the automated mobility of the future.

Light Source Detection

The Light Source Detection function detects and tracks oncoming traffic to allow for adjustments of the light distribution from low and high beam. Available as a modular component or integrated in a complete HELLA Aglaia driver assistance system, the software activates and aims vehicle headlights according to traffic conditions to protect other drivers from high-beam glare.

Traffic Sign Detection

The Traffic Sign Detection function processes a wide range of conventional and electronic road signs from more than 50 countries. Delivering an outstanding detection accuracy, the software also works reliably at high speeds and when visibility is impeded by heavy rain or sun glare. In addition to modular availability, the software comes as part of several assistance functions, such as the Speed Limit Assistant, No Passing Assistant, and the Wrong Way Alert.

Lane Detection

The Lane Detection function is designed for use worldwide. The robust image-processing software recognizes six types of lane markings in different colors, Botts’ dots and various types road boarders, including curbs and unmarked shoulders. The detection of decoupled, two-clothoid lane boundaries is unique to its kind. Outstandingly reliable, the function also delivers accurate results when lane markings are obscured or when visibility is impeded by rain, snow, or fog.

Object Detection

The Object Detection software accurately calculates object position, speed, and direction of movement and operates regardless of light or weather conditions. Currently differentiating between various vehicle types, pedestrians, and (motor) cyclists, the algorithm also compensates for variations in object appearance.

Automated Driving Functions (Level 2+)

For vehicles to move autonomously through an environment, they have to recognize their surroundings and be able to determine their precise position. In addition to cameras, they are equipped with a wide array of sensors and sensor types, such as radar, LiDAR, and ultrasound. This sensor fusion produces ever more accurate images of environment. Together with partners from industry and research, HELLA Aglaia explores complex systems of sensor and software components for future series production.

Our offer

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Assisted Driving Software IP

  • Volume License per Function and installation
  • One-Time License and Product License Option
  • Shared Source Option
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Assisted and Automated Driving Engineering Services

  • Computer Vision Development
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Embedded Vision Software / AI Target optimization
  • Sensor Fusion and Path Planning Development
  • Localisation and Mapping Development
  • Data-Acquisition and Labeling Tools & Service. Learn more

Our Software Ecosystem

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Competitor’s closed system

  • Fixed software, SoC and map bundle
  • High dependency and low flexibility

HELLA Aglaia’s open system approach

  • Freedom of choice for software, SoC and map
  • Volume-license as well as Shared Source Project-, Product- and Company-License available