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Testing Solutions

We provide innovative testing solutions

We want to create safety and trust in automated driving by providing innovative testing and validation solutions. Building on the application-oriented experience from the field of driver assistance systems, our portfolio comprises software and services.


We label our own data and yours, too. If desired, we will in advance take care of the data acquisition as well. Our expertise is based on many years of experience in the collection and processing of video material, including single projects of more than 100,000 kilometers. Individual labeling guidelines based on the assignment’s requirements catalogue help ensure a consistent annotation level. The results will be checked by our final quality control. We use HAGL.Label for labeling.


HAGL.Label is an intuitive and highly efficient solution for data annotation. As both developers and users of the software, we have specifically built HAGL.Label to meet the high quality demands of the automotive industry. The cloud-based system also ensures that the user has access to the training data at all times and allows collaborative access from any location.

Vehicle Setup

Setting up test vehicles requires to exactly adjust all mechanical and electronic components. Our range of services includes, among others, the installation of measurement technology and reference sensors, the pre-qualification of system hardware, as well as the production of control panels or mechanical prototypes. We cover the entire vehicle setup while operating either in our own facilities or on your premises.

Data Acquisition Services

To train and test ADAS/AD software components under real-life conditions, we acquire video data worldwide. In doing so, we make sure to cover all expected traffic and weather conditions. In addition to detailed route planning, this also requires the coordination of test drivers, compliance with data protection guidelines, as well as the collection of relevant metadata. With a track record of serving international industry leaders in reference projects around the globe, we are your one-stop-shop for all data acquisition needs.