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Christina Metten

Data Aquisition Coordinator / Testing Solutions

Photo of Christina Metten, Data Acquisition Coordinator at HELLA Aglaia

Christina Metten knew early on what she didn’t want to do professionally: Sales work. As a teenager, she would help out in her family’s bakery and rather enjoyed to support the actual baking activities than selling in the shop: “I prefer to pull the strings in the background, that hasn’t changed to this day.”

Now a Data Aquisition Coordinator, Christina is responsible for the worldwide recording of video data to document various traffic and weather scenarios. The data is needed to train and optimize the image analysis algorithms in the driver assistance systems. “So far, the total amount of miles collected for our projects would wrap the equator more than seven times. And it’s not just a matter of distance. We need to make sure that traffic signs, for example, will be recognized in every country day and night, in the rain, in fog, or in the winter time – the requirement lists are long.” In addition to detailed route planning, Christina controls project costs, directs technical equipment and drivers, and compiles the necessary papers: “We never get bored, every day is different.”

The studied linguist discovered her soft spot for software, and particularly testing environments, by chance: After graduation, Christina supervised beta tests for eye tracking software. In 2017, a former colleague drew her attention to HELLA Aglaia. “You see, I’m not a developer, but I decided to just send in an unsolicited application.” Her ambition: “I wanted to contribute to the automotive industry not only with vision, but also with a keen eye for detail.” And what was in the cover letter back then, motivates Christina to this day.