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Daniel Cuervo

Software Engineer / Battery Management Systems

Portrait of Daniel Cuervo, Software Engineer in the battery management departmenty.

Daniel Cuervo is from Colombia. As he recalls, the HELLA group is actually well represented there in everyday life – a fact he only noticed as he was collecting some information about HELLA Aglaia before joining the company as a software engineer. Until that day, he had been working as a specialist for systems with high safety requirements in Kiel. Admittedly, at first he had little interest in switching his professional focus from railway trains to battery management systems: “To be honest, that didn’t sound overly exciting. But the more I learned about the complexity of the systems, the more my enthusiasm grew.”

The challenge appealed to Daniel, and he was also eager to work in the automotive industry in Germany: “It may be a bit of a cliché, but for me Germany and cars simply belong together.” Since the beginning of 2019, he has been working at HELLA Aglaia to pool the various requirements for the new two-volt battery system. The development work is demanding and holds plenty of challenges for the entire team – the perfect environment for Daniel: “I learn something new every day and by applying my newly-gained knowledge, I learn more. I really enjoy that!”

He also enjoys seeing the effect of his work at a larger scale: “Our work is a small contribution so that in turn many other people can contribute too to help reduce their environmental footprint – you can’t put a price on that.”

And how does this connect to Colombia? “During my research on HELLA Aglaia, I also came across the logo of the parent company which looked somewhat familiar – turns out, it’s the logo we all know from the headlights of the big trucks!”