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Dominik Stösser

Software Engineer / Automated Driving

Portrait of Dominik Stoesser, Software Engineer at HELLA Aglaia

Anyone who competes in sports at federal level has come a long way. So how would you decide if at that point you would have to choose between furthering your career as a professional athlete and completing your university degree? “I didn’t take this lightly but had to put safety first,” says Dominik Stösser with regard to his degrees in mechanical engineering and automation technology. “I knew I wouldn’t be able and willing to do mountain biking for all my life.”

Now a software engineer at HELLA Aglaia, Dominik has upgraded from a two-wheeler to a four-wheeler and specializes in the decision-making process of autonomously operating systems: “The technology in a self-driving car has to be able to replace two human capacities – perception and the decision how to react to that information.” Developing a digital replica of this mechanism is a complex process encompassing a theoretical concept, the simulative evaluation, and trial runs of the software in the test vehicle. For Dominik, this last step is the most exciting one: “Seeing how the car actually reacts according to your software code is pretty amazing, this makes me really happy.”

It is still going to take a few years until self-driving vehicles will be able to operate reliably within all traffic and weather scenarios. In the meantime, Dominik enjoys getting a glimpse of the future already today. In addition to the social significance, the native Rhinelander identifies another motivational driver in exploring this novel technology: “Machines act much faster than humans ever could. And we can help them decide in favor of safety.”