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Kerstin Thiemann

Team Manager / Energy Management

Portrait of Kerstin Thiemann, team leader in the energy management department.

Kerstin Thiemann holds a team lead position in the energy management department. In close cooperation with their colleagues in Lippstadt, her team is working on a dual-voltage battery which allows to convert vehicles with combustion engines to so-called mild hybrid systems. A development Kerstin believes is as appropriate as it is important: “Digitalization makes life a lot easier for us but society will continue to place a high emphasis on mobility. Everyone wants to travel or get to their destination quickly and comfortably. We are working to ensure this can happen sustainably.”

An electrical engineering graduate, Kerstin’s everyday life revolves around the coordination of energy distribution on more than one level. “It’s important to me that my team not only has the technical expertise, but also the chemistry. That’s the only way we can function as a high-performing unit – benefitting both our projects as well as the company”. And Kerstin knows what she is talking about. Over the past fifteen years, she has successfully managed and implemented hardware and software projects in various industries. In January 2019 she eventually moved to HELLA Aglaia and appreciates the broad flexibility within her daily routine. “We enjoy a lot of freedom here. It is an excellent opportunity and at the same time a fascinating challenge to be able to build a new team from the ground up.”

Even though Kerstin ended up working in the automotive industry by chance, she knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue a technical career: “In part, I was certainly influenced by my family since my father has worked in a similar field.” Starting off with playful rookie constructions in her parents’ workshop, she would later complete her university education with a focus on microelectronics and semiconductor technology: “I had the goal of becoming an engineer while I was still in school. My enthusiasm for mathematics and physics then directed my focus toward electrical engineering. And this is how an early vision turned into a reality that continues to inspire me every day.”