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Orlando Ciricosta

Data Scientist & AI Developer / Global Software House

Orlando works in the AI Solutions Team in the Global Software House. As a data scientist, he analyzes large amounts of data, identifies patterns, and uses this as a basis to program so-called predictive algorithms. These complex calculation models help to design processes efficiently and to optimize the manufacture of products, “My goal is to improve people’s lives with my work.”

Born in Italy, Orlando received a PhD in physics from Oxford University and worked in research for a long time. In 2017, he switched from theory to practice, landing first at the parent company HELLA and then at HELLA Aglaia two years later, “By joining the industry, I am now actually able to affect the real life of the people much more than it was ever the case when I was in research.”

What Orlando appreciates most about HELLA Aglaia is the friendly atmosphere and the numerous advantages it offers: “This company feels a bit like a family, and I very much appreciate that. The atmosphere is great and really something special.”

Orlando’s hobby is painting, which serves as a balance and at the same time as an inspiration for his work: “I think I wouldn’t be a good scientist if I wasn’t also an artist as well. The high contrast to my structured way of working as an AI developer means that I can recharge my creativity while painting, which in turn often benefits my work at HELLA Aglaia.”

Work with us

Title Team Job Type Career Level
Working Student (m/f/d) Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management Student Student
Software Architect / Software Expert (m/f/d) for Computer Aided Lighting Global Software House Full time Professional
Software Engineer (m/f/d) for Computer Aided Lighting Global Software House Full time Professional, Young Professional
Other Positions