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Pulkit Vijay

Innovation Manager / Process & Innovation

Portrait of Pulkit Vijay, Innovation Manager at HELLA Aglaia.

Creativity needs room to grow to develop into a true innovation. Standardized processes restrict this process – don’t they? “An innovation process needs clear structures. This is the only way an idea can mature from a prototype to a finished product,” says Pulkit Vijay. An Innovation Manager at HELLA Aglaia, he collects and evaluates ideas, trends, and new technologies.

How do these tasks translate into a workday? “Basically, there’s three core responsibilities: Promoting creativity through workshops, translating ideas into technical concepts, and coordinating with the appropriate department to develop a prototype from the concept.” Pulkit is particularly fond of the workshops: “In a brainstorming session, everyone is the same, there are no hierarchies or ratings. I am happy when I can lead the group as a whole to come up with new ideas.” This capacity of course requires to keep a peeled eye for current trends and developments – within and beyond the automotive industry: “I do a lot of research, attend events, or discuss the potential of new technologies with my colleagues. This helps me to think outside the box.”

With professional engagements in Russia, Great Britain, and Japan, Pulkit has ventured far out of familiar surroundings. Having visited every continent except for South America, he also looks back at an extensive travel record and is wanderlusting again: “I would like to get to know Brazil or Zimbabwe. There is one of the highest bungee jumps in the world right next to the Victoria Falls – this would definitely be a personal challenge.”