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Susann Walther

HR Manager / Human Resources

Portrait of Susann Walther.

If you ask Susann Walther what she enjoys most about her job, the answer is a no-brainer: “The communication aspect.” As a Recruitment Specialist, she is in touch with current staff and those who want to be a part of it, If you hope to win her over during a job interview, it is not about the speed of your response: “Authenticity is key. I’m always happy to meet candidates who’re genuinely excited about their jobs. That’s what makes the sparks fly.”

Susann herself has been all for HELLA Aglaia since 2007. The business administration graduate joined the company as an assistant to the management. The first encounter with her future employer was a rather old-fashioned one: “I actually responded to a newspaper advertisement back then. And at first I even got the company name wrong – HELLA Ag-lia? That greek goddesses name is quite the tongue twister.” In 2015, Susann moved to the newly established Human Resources department where she is happy to get her hands on a large variety of tasks: “It is not just interviews and hiring. We are also in charge of the onboarding process, for example, as well as employee development or career fairs.”

The employer branding activities in particular are jointly developed with the Marketing team. And the numbers speak for themselves: HELLA Aglaia is steadily growing and so are the demands to the internal routines: “Of course we make sure to continuously adapt our processes to the circumstances or develop new ones, if required.” Someone with such a highly agile professional life might find it difficult to slow to down outside of work. And so Susann’s unusual pastime doesn’t come as a surprise: “Admittedly, online marketplaces are a bit of a hobby of mine – and just as in real life it is the right arguments that win a negotiation.”