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Xiao Wang

Test Engineer / Automated Driving

Portrait of Xiao Wang, Test Engineer in the section Driver Assistance Systems.

Xiao Wang completed his undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering in Shanghai, China before moving to Germany – attracted by the reputable industry and technology landscape – to pursue his master’s degree. He has now chosen HELLA Aglaia to launch his professional career: “The company has quite the right size for me. I work with many colleagues from different teams which also gives me an idea what the other departments are up to. I like this open atmosphere.”

As a test engineer at HELLA Aglaia, Xiao supports the software validation for driver assistance systems. To ensure the detection algorithms work reliably, they are first tested in a virtual environment: Software simulates the data input of the front camera in the vehicle and feeds image information from a database to the algorithms. Xiao is among the programmers behind the simulation environment for these so-called software in the loop tests. While this task may not sound very exciting, it indeed plays a vital role: “We develop software that goes into cars. These systems have to be absolutely safe.”

If it wasn’t for his enthusiasm for engineering, Xiao would have chosen an artistic career path. “I think I could see myself as a photographer. And I also like to cook and I’m actually very good at it.” Xiao shares his culinary passion with friends who he invites over to dinner. He is happy with his personal environment, career prospects and life in an exciting city, and is certain to be in the right place at the right time: “I can’t imagine a better time to experience so many technical advances and be part of this pioneering spirit.”