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Software solutions for lighting control units

Within the scope of software development for lighting control units, we work closely with other HELLA Group locations. Our work supports series projects for headlamps, car body lighting and interior lighting.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting combines comfort and function. Soon, roof consoles will include an emergency call function and so-called Smart Lights integrated in door panels will alert the driver of impending danger – powered by connected lighting control units and LED technology. In addition, individual ambient light scenarios will offer passengers a whole new way of experiencing their stay on board. Our software is based on the AUTOSAR standard, compliant with ASIL safety requirements, and secured against unauthorized access.


The exterior lighting of a vehicle goes far beyond head and rear lights. In addition to the functional aspects of safety lighting, such as the blind spot assistant, there is an increasing demand for individualized aesthetics. Highly sought-after options include a rolling carpet of light, back-lit manufacturer emblems, or an interactive grille illumination. We implement these innovative concepts in a process-compliant manner from idea to certification.


Lighting Electronics

In lighting electronics, our focus is on series development projects for LED matrix headlights. To individually control the light-emitting diodes, we develop type-specific embedded-software solutions for lighting control units. Complementing the active light mode, this allows to seamlessly adjust the distribution of light from the head lamps, supporting the glare-free high beam function, for example. These highly complex projects are carried out according to ASIL safety standards in international cooperation with other HELLA locations.